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Pre school

From Walking to Reception, we offer 3 groups of gymnastics & 1 of trampolining, depending upon age. For further details please request our Pre school starter pack.


From reception age to approximately 6 years, our tiddler groups cater for our younger school age members, offering age appropriate activities for the development of their basic gymnastics skills.


Once the basic skills have been grasped, gymnasts move on to our beginners programme, aimed at developing a solid foundation of skills for development of their gymnastics career we cover all gymnastics disciplines at the grass roots level, encouraging gymnastics skills development as well as general fitness, agility & discipline. Gymnasts are encouraged at this level to take part in club competitions and depending upon age may be eligible for some local friendly competitions.


As gymnasts develop their core skills and gymnastics skills base they move to a level where skills development is increasing towards more difficult moves. Fitness activities increase to support this development and ability level and team activities are encouraged as well as a more mature attitude towards individual learning & participation.


Our recreational development groups work towards increasingly higher levels of expertise. Introducing advanced level badge work and regional level competition work our gymnasts are encouraged to be the best that they can be with a variety of developmental activities to support their development.


As our club develops its competitive side ad supports gymnasts wishing to do so, gymnasts are encouraged to attend our gymfit sessions as part of their fitness and strength development. They are also then eligible to compete at grade level competitions.


Our MyClub sessions are for either new members aged 11+ wishing to get into the sport or existing teen members wanting a more recreational session rather than a developmental plan. Gymnasts choose their own session content and are encouraged to take part in team activities. Sessions are structured and coach led and gymnasts decide upon content which may or may not include working towards badge & certificate development or competition.


These sessions are for all adults 18+. We cater for new starters, basic level as well as ex gymnasts wishing to get back in to the sport at a higher level. Sessions are structured to member’s needs and requirements and include fitness and agility as well as floor skills development and apparatus use. Our adults sessions run on a pay as you go basis with two options for insurance cover. Please ask for our adults starter pack for more details.



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